E. G. Vorobyova, I. G. Kildyushkina. Threats to the Economic Security of the Agricultural Sector of the Republic of Mordovia

UDК 005.341:338.1(470.345)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.15507/2413-1407.106.027.201902.246-269

Introduction. The issue of food security and the task of increasing Russia’s exports make it necessary to identify and monitor the threats to the economic security of agriculture in each region; therefore the topic is of particular relevance. The main goal of the study is to identify and analyze the threats to the economic security of the agricultural sector of the Republic of Mordovia and their sources.

Materials and Methods. The agricultural sector of the Republic of Mordovia was considered as the object of the research. The study employed the methods of system analysis, economic statistics, and analytical, dynamic and graphical interpretation of information.

Results. The authors have analyzed the development of the agricultural sector over the past ten years, identified and examined the threats to the economic security of the industry and their sources, presented a classification of the threats, substantiated the range of measures aimed at preventing and neutralizing the threats. It has been proved that the identified threats are not completely insurmountable but are systemic since they are formed at the macro level and require an identical comprehensive solution within the framework of the state regional policy.

Discussion and Conclusion. It has been concluded that the present threats to the agriculture of the Republic of Mordovia resulted from the 1990s ignorant policies. Despite the measures taken, the situation still cannot be improved. Further research may be aimed at developing a methodology for analyzing threats to sectoral economic security at the regional level. The practical significance of the study lies in the possibility of applying the obtained information when establishing sectoral programs for the development of agriculture and the agro-industrial sector by the constituent entities of the Russian Federation facing similar threats.

Keywords: threats, sources, economic security, meso level, sector, agriculture, region, Republic of Mordovia


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Submitted 13.03.2019; accepted for publication 15.04.2019; published online 28.06.2019.

About the authors:

Elena G. Vorobyova, Senior Research Officer, Department of Regional Studies and Programs, Research Institute for the Humanities under the Government of the Republic of Mordovia (3 L. Tolstogo St., Saransk 430005, Russia), Ph. D. (Economics), ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1144-4398, miss.vorobeyva@yandex.ru

Irina G. Kildyushkina, Chief Research Officer, Head of the Department of Regional Studies and Programs, Research Institute for the Humanities under the Government of the Republic of Mordovia (3 L. Tolstogo St., Saransk 430005, Russia), Ph. D. (History), ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6902-5941, irakil1967@mail.ru

Contribution of the authors:

Elena G. Vorobyova – the main idea of the study; delimitation of the information base; data collection and processing; analysis of statistical and factual material; writing the initial version of the text of the article.

Irina G. Kildyushkina – scientific supervision; critical analysis; drawing conclusions; putting forward suggestions and recommendations.

Acknowledgments. The authors express their gratitude to the reviewers, whose valuable comments made it possible to improve the quality of the text.

For citation:

Vorobyova E.G., Kildyushkina I.G. Threats to the Economic Security of the Agricultural Sector of the Republic of Mordovia. Regionology = Russian Journal of Regional Studies. 2019; 27(2):246-269. DOI: https://doi.org/10.15507/2413-1407.106.027.201902.246-269

The authors have read and approved the final version of the manuscript.
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