Themes of the journal

The journal:
— discusses topical issues of the state system of Russian Federation and foreign countries, features of regional political regimes in the world today;
— describes economic, social, and political processes taking place in regions;
— presents results of original sociological research conducted in a particular constituent entity of the Russian Federation or in a foreign country;
— presents suggestions by scientists and practitioners for working out science-based mechanisms and practice-oriented strategies for harmonious development of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and those of foreign countries.

Besides, the journal often publishes reviews of research works, as well as reviews of internal scientific conferences, symposia, congresses on regional issues.

The names and contents of the Journal columns correspond to the fields of science in accordance with the Nomenclature of scientific specialties, in which scientific degrees are awarded, approved by the order No.59 “On Approval of the Nomenclature of Specialties of Scientific Workers” of 25 February 2009 issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The Journal conducts peer-review of all papers submitted to the Editors that are appropriate to its subject matter for the purpose of their expert evaluation the following fields of science and specialty groups:

Socio-Economic and the Social Sciences
08.00.00 Economic Sciences
22.00.00 Sociological Sciences
23.00.00 Political Science

Columns of the Journal: Political Space of a Region, Economy of a Region, Sociology of a Region.