V. A. Sagaydak. Practice of Managing the Internal Social Image of Business Organizations in the City of Volgograd

V. A. Sagaydak. Practice of Managing the Internal Social Image of Business Organizations in the City of Volgograd

Key words: region; internal social image; business organization; business activity; management; formation motives; formation tools; indicators

Introduction: modern information society makes the issue of managing the internal social image of a business organization a topical one. In order to form an effective management strategy for this type of image, it is important to identify the main management tools and indicators of a formed positive internal social image. Implementation of this strategy contributes to creation of such a system of interaction with the staff which would allow both to meet the needs of the employees and to achieve the goals of the business organization.

Materials and Methods: the materials of the article are based on the results of the research conducted by the author in March — August 2015 in the city of Volgograd with the use of the survey methods (multistage random sampling) and in-depth interviews: 550 heads of business organizations in the city of Volgograd were interviewed, 40 in-depth interviews were conducted. The data of the expert interviews held in July — September 2016 with 30 heads of business and public organizations, representatives of municipal authorities and Volgograd scientists are presented.

Results: the analysis of the information obtained from the study showed that business leaders consider the need to provide the organization with qualified staff the main motive for the formation of the internal social image. The main tool for managing the internal social image is the use of regional media, Internet resources being the most effective ones, according to the conducted study. In the perception of the heads of business organizations in the city of Volgograd, the indicators of a positive internal social image are attractiveness of the company as an employer in the labor market as well as presence of a positive internal psychological climate and a high level of employees’ motivation.

Discussion and Conclusions: вased on how the heads of business organizations understand effective tools for managing internal social image and on their vision of indicators of formation of a positive internal social image, it was suggested to use modern technologies in incentive programs, such as gamification. This will allow both to create a positive internal social image and to achieve the goals of a business organization.


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About the author:

Varvara A. Sagaydak, Postgraduate at the Department of Philosophy and Sociology, Volgograd Institute of Management, Branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (8 Gagarin St., Volgograd, 400005, Russia) (e-mail: kasatkina-dv@yandex.ru). ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2651-542X. Researcher ID: V-2097-2017.

For citation: Sagaydak V.A. Practice of Managing the Internal Social Image of Business Organizations in the City of Volgograd. REGIO-NOLOGIYA = REGIONOLOGY. 2018; 1(26):108—122. DOI: 10.15507/2413-1407.102.026.201801.108-122

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