Deputy editor
  ORCID ID: 0000-0003-0399-4154
Professional Affiliations:
Director of the Regional Studies Research Institute
Head of Chair of Sociology, National Research Mordovia State University
Deputy editor of REGIONOLOGY
Member of University Dissertation Council for Doctoral and Master's Theses in Sociology and Philosophy

Academic Degree:
Dr.Sci. (Sociology),
sociology of youth, sociology of education, sociology of management
Sergey V. Polutin was born in Saransk (USSR) in 1961; in 1983 he graduated from the Mordovia State University; in1983-1989 he edited Mordovia University Newspaper; in 1989-1992 he was researcher at Problem Laboratory of Regional Studies; in 1992 obtained his PhD degree in Sociology; earned DrSci degree in Sociology in 2000; in 2006-2010 he was Vice-Rector of  Ogarev Mordovia State University; in 2016 he was appointed Director of the Regional Studies Research Institute of National Research Mordovia State University.
He is the author of 80 research articles.    
Academic Honors & Awards:
2003 - Diploma of Ministry of Education of Republic of Mordovia
2006 - Honored Worker of Science of Republic of Mordovia
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