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M. A. Kazakov, M. S. Lystsev. Political Leadership: Essence and Problems in Theoretical Models Implementation in Russia Development Strategy.

Views on political leadership as state power institution in the context of complicating processes of modernisation in Russia are specifies in the article.

K. N. Nikolaev. Research of Social and Economic Status Level in Municipal Entities of the Region.

Original methods for complex research of social and economic status level in municipal entities are offered.

O. V. Kiselela. Politics for Investment Attraction into the Region.

The analysis of regional differentiation by investment growth rates into fixed capital of Russia is presented. Main mechanisms and instruments for investment policy formation and implementation in the Ulyanovsk Region are offered; main perspective areas are determined.

S. V. Bulyarsky, S. A. Bulyarskaya, A. O. Sinitsyn. Economic Models for Regional Industrial Clusters Development.

The article is devoted to theoretical problems in regional clusters development. Clusters formation conditions as well as overcoming conflicts of interest at income distribution are investigated.

K. A. Kudryavtsev. Factors of Economic Entities Competitiveness and Commodity Markets Protection. 

Internal and external factors of competitiveness and commodity markets protection by the example of petrochemicals market are analysed.

A. B. Lisyansky. Algorithm of Furniture Industry Innovative Development Strategy of the Region.

Problems in the Samara Region furniture companies’ innovative development strategy are considered; ways for their solution are offered.

A. M. Isupov. Modernisation of State Regulation of Regional Aviation Cluster.

The author’s vision on the structure of the cluster in aviation industry of the Samara Region is offered.

O. N. Soboleva. Complex Estimation of Natural and Resource Potential of the Region.

The Kirov Region resource potential is analysed in the article; perspectives for its use are determined.

N. R. Kurkina, M. S. Evstyukhina. Formation of Engineering Enterprise Personnel Potential in the Conditions of Innovative Development.

Main areas in the formation and development of JSC “Ruzhimmash” personnel potential are analysed in the article.

S. V. Polutin, A. V. Sedletsky. Scientific and Technical Progress Influence on Modern Society: Regional Aspect.

Positive and negative consequences of the technogenic development of the society are considered; the results of the sociological research of the society relation to modern technologies are presented.

O. V. Aleksandrova. Main Functions of Additional Professional Education Management in the Region.

Main functions of additional professional education management by the example of the Krasnodar Region are considered.

J. V. Burova. Inter-Confessional Agreement as Factor for Social Processes Stabilisation in the Region.

The analysis of the present state of social processes and their stabilisation on the basis of inter-confessional agreement in the Republic of Mordovia is presented.

M. M. Malyasova. National Mentality Influence on Organisational Culture of the Region.

National mentality influence on the organisational culture is determined; the results of the research by the example of the Republic of Mordovia industrial enterprises are presented.

A. V. Lukanin. Peculiarities in Social Interactions in Virtual Communities.

Peculiarities in social interactions in virtual communities by means of the society networking are analysed. New forms of social interactions in the information society representing indirect information and communication means are considered.

G. G. Evstifeeva. Gender Structure of Housework in Urban Family.

The results of the research of the housework gender subdivision in Vladimir families are presented in the article.

V. V. Shirokova. Patriotic Up-Bringing in the Russian Army.

Characteristics of the patriotic up-bringing in the Russian army are presented in the article; the contents of its components are brought to light.

I. A. Pakshina. Semiotic Approach to Typography Research.

An attempt to create a conceptual semiotic model of the typography is made in the article.

Panel “Humanitarian Knowledge and Information Society Phenomenon”.

E. N. Rodina, E. N. Chekushkina. Gnoseological Aspects of Moral Standard-Setting.

Gnoseological aspects of moral standard-setting are analysed. Special attention is paid to standard-setting as process of establishment of the moral basis for the society development. Mechanisms for the formation and modernisation of the moral code and imperatives are determined.     

D. I. Isaev. Social Responsibility in the Context of M. M. Bakhtin’s Ideas.

Transformation in the responsibility category is considered; theoretical basis for overcoming subtraction and restoring personal responsibility in the philosophy of M. M. Bakhtin are determined.

A. S. Luzgin, E. A. Denikaeva. To the Issue of Mordovian “Znamena” Existence in the Middle Ages.

“Znamena” (signs) of Mordva on the materials of the rewritten books of the beginning of the XVII century are considered. Their functions, existence as bortny signs are under research; images by the names and the shape are systemised.

O. V. Radzetskaya. Regional Characteristics of Academic Musical Culture of Ethnic Communities.

Regionality is treated as one of the important characteristics of the academic music, conditioning its development in the system of ethnic communities.

S. V. Korolkov. Manifestation of Ethnicity Phenomenon in Traditional National Applied Arts Development and Preservation.

Peculiarities in the Yamal-Nenets traditional applied arts are analysed in the article.  



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