Key words

M. A. Kazakov, M. S. Lystsev. Political Leadership: Essence and Problems in Theoretical Models Implementation in Russia Development Strategy.

Key words: political leadership, transitive society, modernisation, development strategy, modernisation policy, elite

K. N. Nikolaev. Research of Social and Economic Status Level in Municipal Entities of the Region.

Key words: municipal entity, control and analytic coefficients, places amount method, social and economic status

O. V. Kiselela. Politics for Investment Attraction into the Region.

Key words: investment policy, investment into fixed capital growth rate, investment policy implementation mechanisms, investment attractiveness if the region, investment process, investment policy efficiency

S. V. Bulyarsky, S. A. Bulyarskaya, A. O. Sinitsyn. Economic Models for Regional Industrial Clusters Development.

Key words: industrial clusters, conditions for clusters establishment, management, activity efficience, investment distribution

K. A. Kudryavtsev. Factors of Economic Entities Competitiveness and Commodity Markets Protection. 

Key words: competitiveness, competition, market, antimonopoly regulation

A. B. Lisyansky. Algorithm of Furniture Industry Innovative Development Strategy of the Region.

Key words: competitiveness, furniture industry, advantages, strategy

A. M. Isupov. Modernisation of State Regulation of Regional Aviation Cluster.

Key words: aviation cluster, integrator, regional development agency, leasing

O. N. Soboleva. Complex Estimation of Natural and Resource Potential of the Region.

Key words: natural resources, region

N. R. Kurkina, M. S. Evstyukhina. Formation of Engineering Enterprise Personnel Potential in the Conditions of Innovative Development.

Key words: personnel, potential, personnel potential, factors, principles, innovative development

S. V. Polutin, A. V. Sedletsky. Scientific and Technical Progress Influence on Modern Society: Regional Aspect.

Key words: scientific and technical progress, scientific and technical process acceleration, post-industrial society, society structural characteristics, technosphere, information technologies, anthropogenesis, life technification, cyborgisation, cloning, bio-technologies, post-human world

O. V. Aleksandrova. Main Functions of Additional Professional Education Management in the Region.

Key words: additional professional education, management functions, continuous education

J. V. Burova. Inter-Confessional Agreement as Factor for Social Processes Stabilisation in the Region.

Key words: inter-confessional agreement, confession, stabilisation, inter-confessional dialogue, region

M. M. Malyasova. National Mentality Influence on Organisational Culture of the Region.

Key words: organisational culture, mentality, civilisation, behaviour, motivation, valuables, collective, cultural peculiarities, labour activity, inter-cultural differences, region

A. V. Lukanin. Peculiarities in Social Interactions in Virtual Communities.

Key words: social interaction, virtual space, virtual community, information society, network society, society networking, social relations virtualisation

G. G. Evstifeeva. Gender Structure of Housework in Urban Family.

Key words: gender structure, housework, family, sociological research

V. V. Shirokova. Patriotic Up-Bringing in the Russian Army.

Key words: officer, patriotism, up-bringing, army

I. A. Pakshina. Semiotic Approach to Typography Research.

Key words: typography, sign systems, semiotic analysis, conceptual semiotic model

E. N. Rodina, E. N. Chekushkina. Gnoseological Aspects of Moral Standard-Setting.

Key words: gnoseology, constructivism, moral, standard-setting, sense, subject, ethics

D. I. Isaev. Social Responsibility in the Context of M. M. Bakhtin’s Ideas.

Key words: responsibility, subtraction, moral choice, dialogue

A. S. Luzgin, E. A. Denikaeva. To the Issue of Mordovian «Znamena» Existence in the Middle Ages.

Key words: «znameno», tamga, sign, brand, «eye», teshks, Mordva

O. V. Radzetskaya. Regional Characteristics of Academic Musical Culture of Ethnic Communities.

Key words: ethnic community, academic music, culture, regionality

S. V. Korolkov. Manifestation of Ethnicity Phenomenon in Traditional National Applied Arts Development and Preservation.

Key words: applied arts, the Yamal applied heritage, ethnicity phenomenon, traditional culture of Russian regions



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