Key words

Alexander I. Sukharev and Development of Regionology.
I. Z. Garafiev. Role of Innovative Human Capital in the Processes of Regionalisation and Globalisation.
Key words: globalisation, regionalisation, innovative human capital, innovative development
V. A. Litvinov. Dualistic and Co-operative Federalism.
Key words: federation, state, dualistic, co-operative, entity, joint competence, co-operation, sovereignty
I. N. Mineeva. Relation of Federalism and Regionalism in the Post-Soviet Period Cultural State Policy.
Key words: federalism, regionalism, entity, region, culture, cultural policy
S. M. Vdovin, N. D. Guskova, E. A. Neretina. Conceptual Approaches to Sustainable Development of Social and Economic Systems.
Key words: social and economic system, sustainable development, economic growth, ecology, globalisation, growth limits, sub-systems
M. N. Kazakova. Regional Security in the System of National Security in Russia.  
Key words: national security, region, strategy, regional priorities, threats for security, social and economic development indices
E. A. Chernov. Resource Potential of Regional Interest Groups: Main Tendencies in the Formation and Application.
Key words: regional political space, interest groups, political resources, influence, behaviour models
A. N. Silin, V. A. Yudashkin. Innovative Technologies for Social and Cultural Integration in the Tyumen Region as Factor for Increase in Population Life Level and Quality.
Key words: region, the Tyumen Region, social and economic integration, social technology, innovation, life level, life quality
E. G. Karpova. Innovations Management with Game Theory Application.
Key words: innovations, innovations management, strategy, game theory, bimatrix game, competitors
A. L. Salagaev, S. A. Sergeev, L. V. Luchsheva. Public Opinion on Perspectives and Possibilities of Innovative Development in the Republic of Tatarstan.
Key words: region, innovation, innovative behaviour, innovative development
I. V. Petrov. Comparison of Strategies for Single-Industry Towns of State Significance Recovery (by the Example of Togliatti and Naberezhnye Chelny – the Volga Region Autograds).
Key words: strategy, strategic plan, development, crisis, mono-town, customer, products
A. V. Puzakov. Specificity of the Mechanism of Funding the British Devolved Administrations: the Barnett Formula.
Key words: Barnett formula, devolution, devolved administrations, Great Britain, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, public expenditure
S. A. Shchankin, A. F. Kuznetsov. Economic Institutions for Innovative System Formation in Russia.
Key words: Silicon Valley, innograd, innovative development, national innovative system, technopark, innovative system infrastructure, high tech sphere, Association of Innovative Regions
S. V. Bulyarsky, A. O. Sinitsyn. Industrial Clusters in the Ulyanovsk Region.
Key words: cluster, consortium, regional economy, industrial enterprises
O. V. Smolanova. Indicative Analysis of Budget and Tax Security of Regional Municipal Entities.
Key words: municipal entity, budget and tax security, threat, budget and tax security indicators, authority ratio, integral index
I. B. Yulenkova. Methodology for Formation of the System for Entrepreneurship Development Financial Provision in the Conditions of Transfer to the Economy of Innovations.
Key words: entrepreneurship, business, innovations, financial provision, crediting
E. V. Zavartseva. Evaluation of Contextual Variables of the System for Regional Industrial Enterprises Projects Management.
Key words: modernisation, project, management, projects management context, industry
N. A. Dubrovina, A. P. Radchenko. Mechanisms for Technological Potential Management at Mechanic Engineering Enterprises.
Key words: technological potential, mechanic engineering enterprises, product quality, competitive ability, resource productivity
O. I. Averina, A. A. Amelkina. Rating Estimation of Regional Economic Entities.
Key words: complex estimation, economic analysis, rating estimation by the financial accountability data, enterprises rating
A. S. Afanasyeva. Problems in Domestic Agri-Industrial Complex Development: Regional Aspect.
Key words: agri-industrial complex, agricultural production technologies, agriculture development strategic trends, State Programme for Development of Agriculture and Regulation of Agricultural Product Market, Raw-Materials and Food
O. I. Eremina. Risks Management in Regional Agrarian Sector.
Key words: risk, agrarian sector of economy, insurance, agricultural crops, state support
S. V. Polutin, A. V. Sedletsky. Development of the Society Innovative Structure: Regional Aspect.
Key words: innovative structure of the society, social institutions, national innovative system, scientific and research potential, innovative activity, innovative process, scientific developments, technoparks, innovations commercialisation, technologies transfer
V. Yu. Stolbov, M. B. Gitman, N. U. Venskovsky, S. I. Pakhomov. Criterial Model for Evaluation of Quality of Post-Graduates Training System with the Account of Their Professional Competences Formation.
Key words: training quality, post-graduate, educational programme, innovative educational environment
A. V. Ostashkov, Yu. R. Kaneeva. Increase in Effectiveness of Additional Professional Education of Regional State Officials.
Key words: state civil service, monitoring, effectiveness, social institution, state officials additional professional education programme
T. N. Klochkova. Evaluation of Professional Education of State and Municipal Officials by Regional Continuous Professional Education Academies Teachers.
Key words: continuous professional education, professional culture, professional development
I. A. Potapova. Form of Training Process Organisation as Factor of Education Quality: Regional Aspect.
Key words: training process, education quality, distance education
I. N. Krutova. Education Financing in the Finno-Ugric Countries: Experience of Finland.
Key words: Finno-Ugric region, Finland, education financing, analysis, gross regional product, state financing, wages, educational credit, educational grant
E. V. Eremina. Regional Identity in the Context of Sociological Analysis.
Key words: regional identity, regional identification, region, social space, territorial community
L. Z. Fatkhullina. Problems and Perspectives for Population Life Quality Increase in Regional Rural Area.
Key words: the Republic of Tatarstan, rural development, countrymen life quality, social infrastructure, demographic situation, social policy
D. V. Okunev. Motivational Programme in the System for Formation of Sustainable Social and Labour Relations in Regional Organisations.
Key words: social and labour relations, motivational programme, social management, wages, non-material stimulation
R. R. Gorchakova. Formation of Modern Manager Image.
Key words: image, internal image, external image, image creation process, image structure
V. P. Bukin, Yu. V. Manannikova, O. P. Morozova. Family Institution Transformation in Provincial Youth Perception.
Key words: social institution, family, youth, demographic situation, family institution transformation, youth marital status, reproductive plans, demographic policy, demographic crisis, social assistance
U. A. Vinnik. Regional Advertisement: Problems of Innovations Implementation.
Key words: advertisement innovations, innovative technologies in advertisement, innovative advertisement forms, non-traditional advertisement structures, ambient media
N. V. Nikishova. Forms of Demographic Function of the Right Enforcement.
Key words: demographic function, legal information, legal orientation, demographic legislation
L. A. Vasilyeva. Media: Reflection of Criminal Symbolism Retranslation in the Far East.
Key words: myth, symbol, criminal hero, heroic symbolism, democratic hero, heroisation, depersonification
M. V. Averyanova. Problems and Perspectives for Regional Insurance Market Development.
Key words: insurance, insurance market, insurance bonuses, insurance density, insurance market depth
V. I. Dobrynina, A. S. Lyakhovets. Modern Housing Construction and Its Peculiarities in Moscow and the Moscow Region.
Key words: low-rise buildings, high-rise construction, economy class, real deprivations
K. Yu. Lashmankina. Priority Trends in Regional Tourist Complex Modernisation.
Key words: economics, modernisation, region, tourist services market, tourist company, competition
N. N. Govryakova, S. A. Rzhanova. Demographic Context of Social and Economic Development of the Finno-Ugric Peoples.
Key words: Finno-Ugric peoples, demographic development processes, depopulation, assimilation processes, national languages
E. V. Persiyanova. Jewish People of the Orenburzhye: History of Settlement, Problems in Ethno-Cultural Development.
Key words: Orenburg Jewish people, ethno-cultural development, anti-semitism, national identity, synagogue, ethno-cultural component
L. F. Aizyatova. Modernisational Processes in the Russian Regional Socium: Essence and Dynamics.
Key words: socium, modernisation, industrialisation, region, reform, development, conflict, policy, ideology
T. S. Shikina. Dialogue Institutialisation Dynamics.
Key words: public needs, social institution, society, dialogue, institutialisation
V. I. Tsygankova. Non-Agricultural Occupations of the Spass Uezd of the Tambov Province Peasants in the Last Quarter of the XIX Century.
Key words: low-fertile soils, shortage of arable land, handicrafts, geography, Mordva-Moksha, forest zone, raw materials, woodcutters, sawyers, carpenters, hoopers, wainwrights, sledgers, carriage drivers, goods, bazaar
T. V. Aksenova, E. A. Kirillova. Dwelling in the Ritual Life of the Russian Population in the Republic of Mordovia.
Key words: dwelling, ethnic everyday culture, habits, rites, ethnos, household outbuildings, house, Russian stove
V. M. Privalova. Cultural Ritual Realisation in the Ornament Material.
Key words: ornament culture as a sign-orientated and symbolic ritual


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