Key words: political image, region, principles, objectives, strategies, media, subject

Abstract. The paper describes the political image of the Republic of Mordovia in the national media; it proves the necessity of creating a Federal information resource on the territory of the Republic, of searching for brands and developing a strategy of covering this region in the Federal media in order to improve (or create) a political image.

Synopsis. Introduction: currently, the issues related to the level of coverage of regions in major national media are crucial.

Materials and Methods: materials from the Internet, scientific publications and articles were used in this paper. The research methods: induction, analysis, synthesis, observation, and generalization.

Results: the experience of solving the stated problem in other regions of Russia was analyzed as well as the possibility of using it when developing the image policy of the Republic of Mordovia; actions that could be taken by Mordovia in this field were proposed. The importance of a political image for development of any of the subjects of the Russian Federation, particularly the Republic of Mordovia, was emphasized; the importance of public-private partnerships in this area was pointed up. The work identified specific suggestions to improve the image of a region through the creation of its own media entity and by means of effective interaction with the already working ones. The problem of low awareness among people living in Russia and in the Volga Region of the Republic of Mordovia was underlined and some ways to address this issue were proposed.

Discussion and Conclusions: the importance of the role of the major federal media in building a political image was noted. It is necessary to create a long term image strategy of a subject of the Federation; goals and objectives should be established. It is important to work with major national media, but it would be the most effective to create a federal medium originating in the region.


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KOZLOV Nikolai Sergeyevich, Postgraduate at the Department of World History, Political Science and Regional Studies, National Research Mordovia State University (Saransk, Russian Federation), e-mail: kolyambus2010@yandex.ru.


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