Key words


S. V. Biryukov. Modern Federalism: Research Problems and Perspectives for Development.

Key words: federation; federalism; regionalisation; decentralisation; deconcentration; self-determination; unitarianism; fragmentation; autonomy; co-operation


M. G. Polozkov. Financial Federalism and Methods for Budget Levelling in the Regions.

Key words: budget federalism; inter-budget relations; horizontal and vertical financial levelling


A. V. Zolotukhina. Influence of Federative Relations on Implementation of Strategy of Sustainable and Innovative Regional Development.

Key words: federalism; sustainable development; innovative development; regional strategy


D. M. Stepanenko. Mechanism for Innovations Registration in the System of State Regional Innovative Policy.

Key words: innovations; innovative activity; registration of innovations; classification of innovations; coding of innovations; register of innovations


S. K. Arslanova. Quality of Management of Social Potential of the Region.

Key words: social potential of the region; management; indices


A. V. Matyushin. Activating Investment Activity in Industry.

Key words: economics; investments; capital expenditures; industry; Federal Address Investment Programme; profitability; economic growth


E. A. Fiyaxel, N. N. Butryumova. Interaction of Small Innovative Enterprises at Early Stages of Development and Elements of Regional Innovative System Infrastructure.

Key words: small innovative enterprises; infrastructure; interaction; system


V. A. Shibaikin. Conception of Regional Innovative Development of Agri-Business.

Key words: innovative development; agri-business; region; conception


N. V. Petrushkin, Ya. V. Rusyaev. Efficiency of Separate Trends in Budget Support of Agricultural Production in the Region.

Key words: agriculture; regressive analysis; econometrics; budget; forecasting; efficiency; state support; modelling; subsidies; economic model


K. R. Saubanov. Ways for Competitive Ability of Regional Agriculture Increase.

Key words: competitive ability; competitive advantages; agrarian sector of the region; the Republic of Tatarstan; ways for competitive ability increase


M. M. Geraskin. Application of Ecological Indices in the Process of Development of Projects of Agricultural Enterprises Territories Organisation.

Key words: ecological indices; agricultural enterprises; land property; territory; agri-landscape substantiation; dynamic symmetry; stability; land; land development


N. V. Ivashkina, N. P. Kasatkina, V. V. Kozin. Complex Interaction between Professional Education and Regional Enterprises and Organisations: Problems and Perspectives.

Key words: professional education; educational institution; enterprise; organisation; eductional and production complex; interaction; social partnership


I. S. Bazhanova. Controlling in the System of Higher Educational Institution Activities Management.

Key words: controlling; development plan; environment; educational institution; management system; internal audit; management efficiency


Yu. R. Hairullina, R. R. Hizbullina. Socialisation of Young Specialist Personality in Modern Educational Space.

Key words: professional socialisation; transformation of educational system; adaptation of young specialists; higher school


N. O. Kolchina. Factors for Regional Socium Living Standards.

Key words: living standards; regional socium; living standards factors; objective and subjective evaluation; regulating influence; institutional structure of the region


E. P. Galkina, M. I. Kadnichanskaya. Differentiation of Labour Motives of the Ulyanovsk Region Population.

Key words: motivation; labour activity; stimulus; goal; differentiation; stratification; types of employees


D. S. Petrov. Problems of Socio-Cultural Adaptation of Youth of the Region.

Key words: socio-cultural adaptation; socialisation; youth; ideology; integration; differentiation; modernisation; ideological crisis; social groups; life philosophy


N. B. Gorbacheva. Functions of Inter-Generation Communication in the Formation of Regional Youth Valuables.

Key words: youth; family; communication; intercourse; generation


A. P. Lilov. Role of Physical Trainer in Moral Development and Health Strengthening of Youth.

Key words: physical trainer; sport; physical culture; morality; instructor


Yu. E. Sudakova. Physical Training and Preventive Anti-Drug Work in the Region.

Key words: physical culture and sport; drug-addiction preventive measures; school children; screwed-up teen-ager; physical activity; the Ulyanovsk Region


O. I. Nemykina. Problems and Perspectives for Information System Development of the Region.

Key words: information system development of the region; electronic government; innovative development; human capital


I. V. Komadorova. Peculiarities of Formation and Development of Advertisement Communication in the Region.

Key words: advertisement activity; advertisement producer; advertiser; media communication; advertisement recipient; mass media; mass communication media


G. I. Makarova. Diversity in Integration: State Federal and Regional Ethno-Cultural Policy.

Key words: ethno-cultural policy; ethno-cultural identities; all-Russian identity; ethno-cultural variety; integration


S. V. Spasenkova. Place and Role of the Russians in Poly-Ethnic Region.

Key words: poly-ethnic region; ethno-social relations; ethnic tolerance; migration; ethnic group; ethno-confessional situation; socio-cultural space; ethno-national consciousness


A. S. Tsarev. World, Russian and Regional Experience of Formation of Stereotype Social Conception.

Key words: social stereotype; social stereotype conception; all-Russian and regional theories of social stereotypes; reality of stereotype; interpretation of stereotype; «sociality» of stereotype; criteria of stereotype


G. M. Safina. Action as Basis for Moral Choice in People’s Philosophy: Experience of Regional Research.

Key words: action; moral choice; forecasting; motive; morals


E. Yu. Ezhova. Cultural Identification of Personality in Poly-Cultural Space.

Key words: culture; personality; art; education; subject; cultural originality


T. S. Ryzhova. City in Socio-Cultural Space of the Region.

Key words: city; urbanism; cultural landscape; socio-cultural space; socio-cultural memory


I. V. Khomyakova. Strategies of Regional Design.

Key words: ecology of culture; eco-cultural potential; regional design; ethno-cultural identity; «tradition-innovation», ethno-cultural artistic traditions; «symbolic capital»; symbolism of folk ornament


V. A. Vasilyev. A. A. Kokel — Founder of Decorative Art of Chuvashia.

Key words: A. A. Kokel; Russian art school; Academy of Arts; decorative art of Chuvashia


E. A. Anisina. Preserving and Revival of Arts Patronage in the Province.

Key words: history; charity and arts patronage in the province; culture; tradition; continuance


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