Key words

V. A. Pisachkin, V. V. Kozin. Region as Notional Construction in Sociology. Practical Meaning of Regional Researches.
Key words: common sense, philosophy, sociology, construct, practice, region, regionalism, social action, living space, constructionism, contextuality, reproduction
M. V. Nazukina. Structural Levels of Regional Identity in Modern Russia.
Key words: regionalism, regional identity, regional image, regional symbols, brand, myth
I. V. Bakhlov. Specificity of Modern Russian Federalism Formation: Theoretical and Political and Legal Grounds for the Choice of the Model.
Key words: federalism model, reform, Russian federalism, development strategy, territorial system
N. S. Rutkovskaya. Region in Budget Federalism System in 2008—2011.
Key words: budget federalism, inter-budget relations, federative principle, subsidised regions
D. V. Dolenko, Zh. D. Konichenko, A. V. Petukhov. Commonwealth of Independent States as Regional Priority for Russia.
Key words: Commonwealth of Independent States, Russia, post-Soviet space, integration, disintegration, national interests, international relations
I.G. Napalkova, A.S. Soldatova. Applied Methods for Territorial Systems Management Mechanisms Research.
Key words: territorial system, applied research, content-analysis, cognitive mapping, expert inquiry, SWOT-analysis
A. A. Denisova. Transformation of Region Management System in the Conditions of Informatisation.
Key words: region management system, economy of the knowledge, management system elements, management system transformation, evaluation of state power bodies activities efficiency
D. V. Ermolaev. Level of Corruption in the Central Federal District Regions: Estimation Problems and Evaluation Methods.
Key words: criminality in the economic sphere, corruption, bribery, state service, state management efficiency
S. G. Busalova. Increase in Efficiency of Expenditures form the Republican Budget.
Key words: efficiency, budget expenditures, regional budget, departmental plan
M. M. Gudov, A. M. Gudov, O. P. Fedotkina. Relations between Commercial Banks and Real Sector of Economy in the Conditions of Innovative Development of the Region.
Key words: commercial bank, region, real sector of economy, innovative development, investments, credit
S. P. Burlankov, N. V. Koryukov. Formation and Development of Lighting Engineering Products Market in the Region.
Key words: market, lighting engineering products, production, compact fluorescent lamps, LED lamps, energy-saving, investment project
V. B. Sokolov. Organisational and Economic Aspects in Formation of the System for Regional Food Resources Strategic Management.
Key words: “Doctrine of Food Supply Security of the Russian Federation’, food resources strategic management, agri-industrial complex, food security, «Agro-300»
A. R. Bogdanov. Present-Day State and Perspectives for Industrial Poultry Production Development in the Russian Federation and the Volga Federal District.
Key words: poultry production, meat production, eggs production, branch, farm, processing, cattle breeding, agri-industrial complex, federal district
S. B. Skvortsov. Main Tendencies and Problems in Quality Management of Goods Produced in the Region. 
Key words: quality, quality management, expenditures, expenses, standard, ISO 9000, consumer, competition
M. V. Antonova. Investments Attraction into Regional Entrepreneurship.
Key words: entrepreneurship, investments, agri-industrial complex, stat support, anti-crisis programme
V. N. Vasina, I. V. Marakulina. Segmentation of Regional Dairy Products Consumers.
Key words: marketing research, segmentation, dairy products consumers
S. A. Sedashkina. Problems and Perspectives for Regional Agricultural Lands Rational Utilisation.
Key words: agricultural lands, land utilisation, lands monitoring, state land control, melioration
D. A. Masserov. Modernisation of Organisational and Economic Mechanism for Energy-Saving Management in the Region.
Key words: energy-saving, energy-saving programmes, energy-saving management mechanism, industrial production, energy resources, region
A. A. Adamesku. Role of Ferrous Metallurgy as Basic Branch in Industry in Regional Development of the Country.
Key words: basic branch, ferrous metallurgy, complex approach, programme planning, technical and economic expertise, marketing factors, investments efficiency, structural shifts
E. V. Poverenov. Working Principles of Taxation Bodies in the European Union Countries and Efficiency Increase in Russian Territorial Taxation Bodies Activities.
Key words: taxation policy, taxation legislation, taxation bodies of the European Union, territorial taxation bodies of Russia, taxation bodies organisation
M. Yu. Prisyazhny. Modern Territorial Organisation of Higher Education in Russia.
Key words: higher education, Russia, territorial organisation analysis
M. V. Postnova, N. V. Brykina. Peculiarities in Profile and Professional Education in Continuous Education System in the Rural Area.
Key words: continuous education, profile training, school, professional education
N. P. Kasatkina, T. N. Sukonkina. Institutional Aspects of Ethno-Cultural Education Development in Russian Regions.
Key words: culture, the ethno-cultural, education, national school, native language, social institution, poly-cultural society, identity
I. A. Zetkina, S. A. Pykov. Traditions of Poly-Cultural Education in the Volga Region Enlightenment.
Key words: multi-culturalism, national teachers, school, poly-cultural education,  enlighteners, enlightenment
E. R. Safargaliev. Importance of Corporative Culture in the Conditions of Globalisation and Changes in Public Processes.
Key words: globalisation, techno-sphere, socio-sphere, info-sphere, corporation, socialisation
Yu. M. Pasovets. Commodity Stratification of Population of Russia and its Regions.
Key words: commodity stratification, incomes, consumption, regions of Russia
S. I. Nedelko, A. V. Ostashkov. Role of Mass Media in Civil Society Institutions Development in the Region.
Key words: legal civil society, social responsibility of mass media, mass media, mass communication, innovative society, private non-commercial sector
V. M. Sidorkina. Social Valuables in Regional Dimension.
Key words: valuables, basic valuables, axiological orientations, social valuables dynamics, regional peculiarities
A. P. Klyueva, A. N. Maidokin. Accumulation of Social Capital as Factor of Sustainable Development of an Organisation: Regional Factor.
Key words: social capital, pension system, funded insurance, socially responsible model for organisation management, social innovations
L. N. Lipatova, T. V. Eremkina. Employment of Region Population in the Conditions of Economic Reforms.
Key words: employment, unemployment, number of the employed in economy, employment structure, small entrepreneurship
I. S. Komadorov. State of Youth Political Organisations in the Region.
Key words: youth organisations, multiplicity of parties, civil society, social self-government, social management
A. N. Egorov. Self-Concept of Student Youth Actions Relevant to Healthy Way of Life.
Key words: healthy way of life, student youth, social environment, health, social group, incidence of diseases
N. V. Shumkova. Regional Aspect of Youth Sub-Cultures Research.
Key words: sub-culture, youth sub-culture, region
A. V. Makhiyanova. Role of Socialisation Agents in Ethnic Identity and Personality Civil Consciousness Formation.
Key words: socialisation, socialisation agents, ethnic identification, civil consciousness
O. A. Bogatova, A. I. Kargin. Monitoring of Interethnic Relations in the Region. 
Key words: interethnic relations, civil identity, ethnicity, regional identity
O. V. Gavrilenko. Language Traditions in the Volga Regions Peoples Culture.
Key words: culture, personality, city, province, people, nationality, up-bringing, language traditions
D. N. Meshkov. Some Factors of Fragmentation and Entirety of Modern Society.
Key words: fragmentation of the society, entirety of the society, social virtues
V. V. Krasulina. Moral Determination of Entrepreneurship.
Key words: entrepreneurship, profit, production, economy, wealth, welfare, economic reductionism, moral, ethnic norms, merchants


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