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L. S. Vasilyeva, B. O. Gomboev. «Region» in the Context of Geographical and Cultorological Analysis.

The analysis of the origin, etymology, genesis and contents of the notion «region» is given in the article; its geographical and cultorological specificity of interpretation and application is presented. Main aspects in relation to different researches are emphasized.

O. V. Bakhlova. Regional Political Elites in the System of Communications of the Federative State.

The structure and the contents of the system of vertical and horizontal communications in the federation with the participation of regional political elites are considered in the article. Special attention is paid to the specificity of political status of regional elites in the federative state. Main channels and models for vertical and horizontal inter-elite communications are determined.

N. S. Shkurko. Interpretation of Social Memory of the Community in Political Myths of Yakutia.

Through the example of the Republic of Sakna (Yakutia) the process of the formation of the system of ethno-cultural and ethno-political myths in the region is shown, the role of scientific and creative intelligentsia in the modern myth creation is shown.

E. L. Anoshkina. Disproportions in the Development of Monocentric City of Perm.

Different aspects of the spatial development of Perm are considered in the article. Disproportions in the spatial development of the centre and the periphery of the Perm agglomeration conditioned by the non-regulated character of spatial restructuring are described. The conclusion that in the conditions of the exhaustion of human and labour potential regional and city planning must be accompanied by inter-disciplinary researches including social and economic peculiarities in the development of the centre and the periphery of the agglomeration is made.

O. V. Vladimirova. Instruments for Innovative Activity Financing in the Context of «Strategy for Social and Economic Development of Siberia till 2020».

Possibilities for application of different forms of innovative activity financing determined in the Strategy for Social and Economic Development of Siberia till 2020 are considered in the article. The analysis of application and development of different forms of investment projects financing substantiates the potential for their application for the projects having innovative focus.

E. N. Malchenkov. Problems and Perspectives for Development of Investment Activity: Regional Aspect.

Problems and perspectives for the development of investment process in the Russian economy are analysed in the article. Through the example of the Republic of Mordovia negative influence of the global economic crisis upon investments attraction to different spheres of economy is demonstrated.

A. V. Akisheva. Evaluation of Financial Needs of Real Sector of Economy in the Sphere of Banking Services.

Evaluation of financial needs of the real sector of the Republic of Mordovia economy in the banking services on the basis of the application of the method of economic and mathematic modelling with the respective creation of the economic and mathematic model for calculation of financial needs capacity is made in the article. Main conclusions on the evaluation of the banking capital influence on the development of the real sector of the republican economy are formulated.

M. S. Mironov. Investment Marketing of the Volgograd Region.

The problems of attraction of investors to the territory of the Volgograd Region are considered in the article. Special attention is paid to the role of foreign capital in the development of industry. The list of activity types of enterprises mostly attractive for investment is presented.      

E. R. Tsulaya. Financial Potential of Local Budgets as Factor for Development of Social Infra-Structure of the Rural Area.

The article is devoted to the issues of the formation of local budgets financial resources formation which according to the legislation in action are responsible for financial provision of social infra-structure facilities. Through the example of the Republic of Mordovia characteristics of the revenue base of municipal entities of the region are given.

L. I. Erokhina, A. S. Nazarov. Process of Formation of Regional Programmes for Service Enterprises Development.

The process of the formation of regional programmes for service enterprises development is analysed. Stages and components for the development of such programmes are deduced. The necessity for application of automated systems for monitoring of programmes for service enterprises development implementation is substantiated.

G. N. Teryakova. Credit Co-Operation in the System of Institutions for Economic Agents of Small Business Sphere Financial Provision.

The functions and the role of co-operatives in the sphere of small business financial support are analysed in the article. Special attention is paid to the entities for support of small business crediting based upon the activity of guarantee and co-operative mechanisms.

N. V. Zubkova. Formation of Executive Production Plans at Automobile Industry Enterprises.

Main elements of ready-made products output are presented. The process of formation of production plan with the account of peculiarities of automobile industry enterprises is demonstrated. Executive production planning is treated as the multi-level and structuralised by different blocks and stages planned work possessing its own peculiarities characteristic for each level. Economic and mathematical models of the process of production plan formation are presented.

N. N. Melkina, D. A. Shchipanov. Peculiarities in Formation and Functioning of Business Networks of Ice-Cream Producers in the Volga Federal District.

New organisational forms of business marketing business networks are considered, various definitions of this notion are quoted, problems in the formation and perspectives for the development of network organisations after the example of ice-cream producers of the Volga Federal District are analysed.


On Adoption of Methods for Evaluation of Efficiency of Activities of Scientific Organisations Subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Carrying Out Scientific and Research, Design and Development and Technological Activities of Commercial Value.


A. A. Balyabina. Role of Small Innovative Enterprises under Universities in Energy-Saving Provision in Housing and Communal Utilities.

The importance of energy-saving provision in housing and public utilities on the basis of the development and implementation of innovative technologies and equipment is substantiated. Regional organisational structure for implementation of innovative energy-saving projects in housing and communal utilities based on the co-operation with small innovative enterprises established under universities is offered.

I. A. Vasilyev. Present-Day State, Problems and Perspectives for School Education Modernisation in Russian Regions.

The article is devoted to the results of monitoring of social research carried out in 17 regions of the Russian Federation. The results of the inquiry of pedagogic and parental representatives on the problems and tendencies in the development of compulsory education are analysed, comparative estimations of the efficiency of the way compulsory education institutions perform their functions made by respondents aimed at the optimisation of education development are presented.

A. K. Moiseev. Inter-Confessional Relations in the Region: Present-Day State, Perspectives for the Development and Ways for Problems Solution.

The article is devoted to the analysis of the correlation between the traditional and non-traditional religious organisations in the Republic of Mordovia. The analysis of non-traditional religious organisations acting in the republic is carried out. Special attention is paid to the necessity of efficient interaction of state power bodies with non-traditional confessions.

T. V. Avdonkina. Motives for Marriage and Marital Relations Forecasting.

Tendencies and peculiarities in the development of the family in the modern Russian society are treated in the article. Readiness for the marriage among the modern just married are analysed, motives for marriage, the choice of the partner and valuables system of the just married helping to forecast sustainability of marital relations are under research.

V. V. Volkov. Status of Regional Students Having No Registration by Training Places as Problem of Homelessness.

The article deepens presentations on the judicial (concealed, latent) form of homelessness as actual problem in the modern Russia. The results of the research of students having no registration by the place of long-length residence as representatives of this form of homelessness are demonstrated.

D. M. Borisov. Network Resources of Foreign Labour Migration in the Region.

Through the example of the Republic of Mordovia mechanisms and ways providing the inclusion of foreign labour migrants into the local community are considered in the article. Data received in the framework of the interview with foreign labour migrants representing national diasporas of the republic became the empirical base for the research.

O. N. Tyulyakova. Media-Preferences of Students Youth of the Region.

The influence of the mass media institution on the media-preferences of students youth of the Republic of Mordovia is shown in the article. The analysis of transformations in the media requirements of the youth audience, informative background of the region, regional media-space and media tension of the regional society is made. Special attention is paid to the psychological and social influence of the mass media on the youth. Positive and negative components of the Russian and regional media markets are deduced.

K. N. Korshunova. Formation and Development of Social Protection of the Childhood: Some Regional Aspects.

Problems in the social protection of the childhood from the origin up to the present-day stage are highlighted, interpretation of the basic notions in the sphere of social protection of children as they originated is given. Some trends for the reforming of modern system for social protection of children in the Russian Federation are offered. 

N. A. Sherikbaeva. Virtual Environment as Resource of Identity for People with Limited Abilities.

On the basis of data of the sociological research an attempt to consider opportunities for network and virtual technologies application in the course of rehabilitation of people with limited abilities is made in the article.

A. G. Stepanov. Ethnic Aspects of Ideology in Social Cognition System.

The place and the role of ethnic aspects of ideology in the structure of social cognition are determined.

L. F. Bogdanova. Role of Political and Ideological Factor in Ethnic Perception Genesis.

The role of political and ideological factor in the formation of the ethnos perception is analysed in the article. It is underlined that the process of ethnos perception formation as a rule came not from «the bottom» but from «the top» and was determined by the activity of politicians, ethnic elites and humanitarian intelligence. 

O. A. Bogdanova, E. I. Dolgaeva. Ethno-Cultural Policy in the Region: Integration of Institutional Factors for Formation of Inter-Ethnic Relations.

Main institutional mechanisms and forms of state ethno-cultural (national) policy of the Republic of Mordovia in the cultural, educational, informative spheres of interregional and international relations are analysed in the article.

O. V. Osipova. Regional Informative Policy as Instrument for Political Communication: Sociological Dimension.

The article is devoted to the research of the reflection of informative policy of state power bodies of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) on the public opinion. Informative policy is interpreted as process of permanent informative influence on the society from the part of the state with mass media being its guide. The relation of the population towards informative policy is considered on the basis of direct evaluations of the population.

K. V. Dementyeva. Stimulation of Public Attention to Regional Press.

Principles for preparation and presentation of information in the number of news-papers of the Republic of Mordovia are considered in the article. Priority ranking of the theme, personal touch of facts, novelty and high status of information source are underlined.

G. M. Ageeva. Memories of Mordovia Krai Intelligence as Representation of Provincial Mentality.

The article is devoted to the analysis of figures of science and culture of Mordovia as a possible evidential base for the researches of the provincial consciousness and intelligent mentality. Peculiarities in the provincial culture are uncovered; the significance of the factors of mental character in the determination of its singularity is shown. Special attention is paid to the memories of the library people of the republic.

E. V. Lysova. F. V. Sychkov: Language of Colour (Expressive Abilities and Perception Specificity).

Through the example of the colouristic scale of the canvases by F. V. Sychkov peculiarities of the colour language as vector of expressiveness in painting are considered. A number of colour levels in spectators’ perception of the meaning of pieces of art as physical, image and associative, symbolic and emotional levels are traced.

A. N. Ruskin. Factory Settlement of Vyksa in the Russian Socio-Cultural Space.

The article is devoted to the problem of determination of factory settlements in the socio-cultural space of Russia. Through the example of Vyksa a special status of metallurgic settlements in the surrounding cultural landscape is substantiated.

L. P. Knyazkova. Plants in Traditional Medical Culture of Mordva.

The role of plants applied in prophylactics and treatment of children and adults diseases in the traditional medicine of Mordva is analysed in the article.

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