Key words

O. V. Bakhlova. Organisation of political arrangements of regional administration in post-Soviet Russia: experience of classification of models of relations of power.
Key words:power, governor, conflict, legitimation,model of relations of power,region, elite
V. Dakhin. Administrative - political elite transformations and structure formation of political competition in the region in 1991—2005.
Key words: elite, structure, political construction, social group, region, conflict, communication, entrepreneur
R. N. Abramov. Specialities of political modernisation in North Caucasus region in Russia.
Key words: political modernisation, North Caucasus social-political development, separatism, reforming, federal district, subject of Federation, political stability
M. M. Kislyakov. Station and trends of development of regional electoral process.
Key words: specialities, identity, trends and problems of development of regional electoral process
N. V. Rezina. Analysis of risk of critical situation in public administration.
Key words: information technology, сrisis, public administration,situation room, software, information, monitoring
S. N. Zhiryakova. Basic strategies of intellectual potential development of municipal formation.
Key words: intelligent intellectual potential, municipal formation, strategy, generation, territorial community, education, science, culture, family, intelligence, social institutions, cross-generational cooperation
N. P. Makarkin. V. V. Mitrokhin. Development of self - regulation banking system institutions: regional aspect.
Key words: self-regulated organization, banking system, banking association.
N. A. Gorbunova, L. A. Chelmakina. Analysis of efficiency of investments of production facilities of region.
Key words: capital investment project, financial investments, revenue position, payback time, risk, efficiency,  discount coefficient, liquidity
M. S. Mazov, O. S. Nuyanzina. Approaches of increase as a foundation of marketing activity of company.
Key words: increase,market,  approachof development of market, approach of development of product, force of attraction, competitiveness, strategic innovation
I. S. Mamaeva. Information requirements for accounting analytic information users.
Key words: Information users, information requirements, accoun report, operating activities, financinal activity
S. A. Bartanov, A. B. Bartanov. Rower safety of Privolgsky Federal district's regions.
Key words: region, rower safety,cluster analysis, rating
N. V. Bezrukov. State of food industry in the region and management accounting system organization.
Key words: management accounting, direct-costing, Life Cycle Costing, Activity-Based Costing, Black Flush Accounting, Balanced Scorecards
N. D. Guskova, M. V. Konakova. Innovation small and medium-sized businesses development in region.
Key words: innovations, small and medium-sized businesses, innovation infrastructure, efficiency, region
O. N. Soboleva. Innovative development problems of hydroenergetics in regional AIC.
Key words: discriminative analysis, minihydro power plants, agricultural consumers
A. A. Adamesku. Role of ferrous metallurgy as basic branch of industry in regional development of the country.
Key words: basic branch, ferrous metallurgy, complex approach, programme planning, technical and economic expertise, marketing factors, investments efficiency, structural shifts
S. V. Kunev, E. N. Malchenkov. Pharmaceutical manufacturer market potential: the core of the problem and development trends.
Key words: market potential, home pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmaceutical products, medicines-copies
A. V. Zolotukhina. Regional scientific and technological potential hierarchization in the contextof sustainable development.
Key words: region, scientific and technological potential, sustainable development, hierarchy principle, foresight
A. F. Radchenko. The role of demographic and migrational processes in social development.
Key words:   quality of human capital, demography and migration, childhood, future generations, competitive ability, civilizations alliance, national politics, political will
G. P. Kuleshova, J. V. Dadaeva. Regional counter-drugs prophylactic in the context of modernisational social processes.
Key words: counter-drugs prophylactic, narcotization, narcotism, modernisation, youth, monitoring, region
T. M. Polushkina, O. I. Egorova. Plough tail motivation arrangement formation.
Key words: plough tail, rural people motivational focus, motivation and induction of rural population
Z. H. Bakirova. Students' value system and professional tenets of teacher training college in transformational society.
Key words: monitoring, professional, student, teacher, college, dynamics, value system
O. V. Borisova, S. V. Busarova, N. A. Akimova. Sport as youth socialization factor in the region.
Key words: sport, youth, socialization, socialization stages, value system, region
V. N. Sribniy. Material status and inter-national relations culture connection in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation Military Institute of Internal Forces cadet group.
Key words: international relations, army group, national culture, factors of international relations
A. A. Shevcova, L. I. Nikonova. Ethno-confessional and regional armenian self-definition of Mordovia.
Key words: identity, ethnicmarker, migrantadaptation
V. I. Gazetov. Colonization russian landowners movement in the Middle Volga region in XVII—XVIII centures (Kushnikovs).
Key words: nobility, armorial, vaivode, stolnik, Red Book
B. F. Kevbrin. Development determination of systems.
Key words:substance, development, evolution, progress, increase, perfection, determinism, making, evolvement
V. P. Izergina. I. A. Ilyin and the White movement ideology.
Key words: the White movement, ideology, Russian all-military alliance, National-labor alliance of new generation, emigration, antibolshevism, «nepredreshenchestvo» doctrine, nationalism
V. A. Vasilyev. A. A. Kokel role in culture interaction process.
Key words: culture, artist, cross-cultural communication, art exhibition, decorative art, the Academy of Arts, picture
V. A. Letin. Representation of the warden in the symbolic program of the manor temple: Yaroslavl Posad XVII centure.
Key words: universum, temple, manor, the symbolism of area, representation of the warden
M. E. Zacharova. Patriotic War of 1812 in the folk songs of the Penza region.
Key words: folk songs, folklore, Patriotic War of 1812, national hero, Penza Region, patriotism
E. M. Gusarova. Russian and Mordovian songlike folklore cooperation.
Key words: song, folklore, cooperation, loan, genesis, syncretism, cyclicity, transformation, synthesis
M. A. Mastina. Ritual part in traditional mordovian family.
Key words: traditions, rituals, custom, family, everyday culture, continuity, symbol


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