Key words

V. A. Pisachkin, E. N. Bikeikin, V. V. Kozin. Historical Landscape of Regional Designing.
Key words: designing (mental, practical), social space, chronotope, region, regional designing, engineering, zone, zoning.
V. M. Machinsky, A. V. Machinsky. Foundations of Constitutional System in the Russian Federation.
Key words: Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Russian Federation state power bodies, constituent entities of the Federation, constitutional reforms, continuity, President of the Russian Federation, the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.
A. V. Puzakov. Decentralisation of Power as Tendency and Signs of Devolution.
Key words: decentralisation, power, devolution, management, region, federalism.   
S. A. Shchankin, N. N. Kataikina. Peculiarities in Regional Innovative Development Strategy.
Key words: region, innovative development strategy, Autonomous Institution «Technopark–Mordovia», nanocentre, National Research University, regional innovative system, technologies transfer, innovative cluster, region, innovative leader.
P. V. Druzhinin, V. P. Druzhinin. Interaction between Regional Political Institutions and Economy of the Region.
Key words: region, institution, governor, investments, economic growth, revenue.
D. Yu. Faikov. Methodical Aspects of Social and Economic Development of Municipal Entity.
Key words: social and economic development, municipal entity, strategies and development programmes.
M. M. Omarov. Institutional Aspects in Identity Policy of the Central Asia States in the Sphere of Regional Security.
Key words: regional institutions, identity policy, regional security, integration, Central Asia.
O. A. Ilyina. Perspectives for Outsourcing Development in the Russian Engineering Complex.
Key words: outsourcing, region, efficiency, engineering, key factors.  
N. N. Fedyakova. Development of Population Farms in the Regional Agri-Food System.
Key words: population farms, private population farms, agri-industrial complex, region, agri-cultural production.
M. V. Leshchaikina. Statistic Analysis and Econometric Modelling of Social Comfort Factors of Population Residency in the Region.
Key words: human capital, social comfort, simultaneous equation system, endogenous variables.   
E. V. Poverenov. On the Necessity of Re-Establishment of the Federal Service of Tax and Revenue Police in Russia.
Key words: Chief Directorate for Combating Economic Crimes of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Russian Federation, tax authorities of the Russian Federation, tax crimes, authorities of Tax and Revenue Police of the Russian Federation, territorial tax authorities of the Russian Federation, Federal Service of Tax and Revenue Police of the Russian Federation, economic security of Russia, Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation.
T. N. Ivanova, E. V. Zhelnina, A. P. Levina. Problems of Employment of University Graduates.
Key words: employment, youth, job placement, career, speciality.
E. S. Fadeeva. Career Orientations of Research University Teachers.
Key words: teachers, Research University, career, career orientations, career motivation, career mobility.  
I. V. Izmailov. Structure for Formation of Students’ Information Culture in the Conditions of Higher Education Modernisation.
Key words: information society, information technologies, computer competence, remote control, informative culture.
M. V. Yuskaeva. Relation to Health by University Teachers.
Key words: scientific and pedagogical staff, prosperity, relation to health, subjective evaluations.  
G. G. Evstifeeva. «Unpaid Work» in Gender Dimension: Russia and Countries of Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development”.
Key words: unpaid work, paid work, gender, gender subdivision of housework, time budget, countries of Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.
Yu. V. Mugil. Peculiarities in Formation of Regional Youth Family Values.
Key words: youth, family values, family relations, family values crisis, international marriages, national tolerance, marriage behaviour, demographic social policy.
D. A. Shpilev. Intergeneration Researches as Instrument for Maintaining Population in Depressed Regions (by the example of East Germany).
Key words: depressed region, population decrease, social transformation, internal migration, intergeneration researches.
E. V. Kuznetsova. Social Institution of Mass Media in the Context of Modern Social and Civilizational Changes.
Key words: mass media, mass culture, communication, public opinion, demassification.
T. A. Vergazov. Semantic Aspect of Communicative Processes Coding.
Key words: structural functionalism, translation, coding, superficial meaning of the text, structuring and formation of knowledge model, model extrapolation theory.
A. N. Yurkin. Mass and its Consciousness. 
Key words: mass, mass consciousness, crowd, society.
Zh. V. Kuznetsova. Peculiarities in Mentality of Southern Altaians.
Key words: mentality, natural reality, self-consciousness, tribal culture, pretensions for recognition, sexual identification, psychological time, Altai-kizhi, sacralisation, ethnonym.  
Panel «Unified Information Space of the Finno-Ugric Regions: Problems and Formation Perspectives».
M.A. Eldin. Religious Culture of Mordovian Peoples and Spiritual Traditions in the Russian Society.
Key words: tradition, religious culture studying, peoples of Mordovia, Russian society.
S.V. Pivkina. Mordovian Folklore in Creative Work of P. I. Melnikov-Pechersky.
Key words: Mordovian mythology, folklore, rite, praying, Cham-Pas, Ange-Patyai, Shaitan.



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