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V. A. Pisachkin, E. N. Bikeikin, V. V. Kozin. Historical Landscape of Regional Designing.
Different approaches to the process of regional designing are presented; its interdisciplinary character is demonstrated.
V. M. Machinsky, A. V. Machinsky. Foundations of Constitutional System in the Russian Federation.
The analysis of the contents of legal influence on the relations in the main sub-systems of the society in the conditions of the constitutional system, the aggregation of the objective valuables, rules for social organisation, main foundations and institutions of the constitutional system under the protection of the state and determining its constitutional structure is presented.
A. V. Puzakov. Decentralisation of Power as Tendency and Signs of Devolution.
Processes allowing treating decentralisation of power as a global tendency are brought to light in the article. Attributes proving that the decentralisation processes under research should be referred to as devolutional are uncovered.  
S. A. Shchankin, N. N. Kataikina. Peculiarities in Regional Innovative Development Strategy.
The variant of the Strategy for Innovative Development of the Republic of Mordovia for 2012 – 2020 is considered in the article. The analysis of the regional innovative system functioning is presented; priorities for the future innovative development of the Republic of Mordovia are determined.
P. V. Druzhinin, V. P. Druzhinin. Interaction between Regional Political Institutions and Economy of the Region.
The formation of the institution of the governorate (heads of regions) in Russia is considered in the article. The influence of political processes taken place in the 2000th on the regional economy growth rates is analysed.
D. Yu. Faikov. Methodical Aspects of Social and Economic Development of Municipal Entity.
Methodological aspects required in the course of the development of programmes for social and economic development of a municipal entity are substantiated in the article.
M. M. Omarov. Institutional Aspects in Identity Policy of the Central Asia States in the Sphere of Regional Security.
The influence of interregional activity and interstate relations in the Central Asia states on the regional security is considered.
O. A. Ilyina. Perspectives for Outsourcing Development in the Russian Engineering Complex.
Economic situation and main problems in the development of the Russian engineering under the view of outsourcing are considered.
N. N. Fedyakova. Development of Population Farms in the Regional Agri-Food System.
Problems in the development of private population farms in the agri-food system of the Republic of Mordovia are treated. Priorities for the support of population farms in the agri-food system of the republic are determined.
M. V. Leshchaikina. Statistic Analysis and Econometric Modelling of Social Comfort Factors of Population Residency in the Region.
The contents of the social comfort of the population residency in the region are considered; methods for its integral estimation in the Republic of Mordovia are offered. Implementation of these methods on the basis of the statistic data of 1994 — 2009 is presented.
E. V. Poverenov. On the Necessity of Re-Establishment of the Federal Service of Tax and Revenue Police in Russia.
The article is devoted to the offer to rehabilitate activities of the Federal Service of Tax and Revenue Police in Russia for strengthening efficiency increase in Russian territorial tax authorities activities.
T. N. Ivanova, E. V. Zhelnina, A. P. Levina. Problems of Employment of University Graduates.
On the basis of a sociological research the problem of the employment of University graduates by the example of Togliatti State University is analysed.
E. S. Fadeeva. Career Orientations of Research University Teachers.
The meaning of the career as one of the main components of the profession prestige is treated in the article; different models for career building are presented; career mobility of the scientist and its factors in the connection with the formation of the research universities are analysed.
I. V. Izmailov. Structure for Formation of Students’ Information Culture in the Conditions of Higher Education Modernisation.
The structure for the formation of students’ information culture by the example of Udmurt State University is considered in the article.
M. V. Yuskaeva. Relation to Health by University Teachers.
In the article on the basis of the sociological research data the physical, psychic and social prosperity of social and professional group of Mordovia State National Research University teachers is considered. Special attention is paid to the resource of health of scientific and pedagogical staff in the conditions of the institution of the higher education transformation.
G. G. Evstifeeva. «Unpaid Work» in Gender Dimension: Russia and Countries of Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development”.
Category of “unpaid work” in relation to the analysis of the gender division of housework in families is considered in the article. Comparative characteristics of this phenomenon in Russia and countries–members of Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development are presented.
Yu. V. Mugil. Peculiarities in Formation of Regional Youth Family Values.
On the basis of sociological researches carried out in 2003 — 2008 family youth of Orenburg is described in the article.
D. A. Shpilev. Intergeneration Researches as Instrument for Maintaining Population in Depressed Regions (by the example of East Germany).
The problem of internal migration of young and educated population from East Germany to the old federal lands and large cities of the new federal lands is considered. German sociologists use intergeneration researches for stimulating intergeneration solidarity and maintaining population in depressed regions as one of the instruments for overcoming the current situation.
E. V. Kuznetsova. Social Institution of Mass Media in the Context of Modern Social and Civilizational Changes.
Some peculiarities in mass media influence on the public opinion are analysed. The author makes the conclusion that in the nearest future mass media may become an instrument to make communication process really effective.   
T. A. Vergazov. Semantic Aspect of Communicative Processes Coding.
The problem of interaction between the thought and the word in natural and artificial languages as coded forms and signal relations is considered.
A. N. Yurkin. Mass and its Consciousness. 
The essence of the notion «mass» being a bearer of a special type of consciousness «mass consciousness» is determined in the article. Its structure is uncovered; the importance of its research is substantiated.
Zh. V. Kuznetsova. Peculiarities in Mentality of Southern Altaians.
The influence of the nature on the self-consciousness of the people of Altai-kizhi as well as peculiarities in the natural objects sacralisation are analysed.
M. A. Eldin. Religious Culture of Mordovian Peoples and Spiritual Traditions in the Russian Society.
The analysis of the religious and moral heritage in the Russian regional dimension is presented; its role, specificity and value are determined. It is demonstrated that problems in the modern development of the Russian society should be treated in the context of the dialogue of cultures.
Panel «Unified Information Space of the Finno-Ugric Regions: Problems and Formation Perspectives».
S. V. Pivkina. Mordovian Folklore in Creative Work of P.I. Melnikov-Pechersky.
The analysis of the creative work of P.I. Melnikov-Pechersky in the context of the history, mythology and folklore of the Mordovian people is made in the article.



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