Key words

S. V. Serebryakova. Modelling of Regional Structure of Modern Russian Society (after the example of the Privolzhsky Federal District).

Interregional interrelation, regional structure, Russian society, the Privolzhsky Federal District.

O. D. Sheblo. Problem of Categorical Determination of Regional Processes: Phenomenon of Asian Regionalism.

Regional processes, world policy, theory of regional integration, Asian regionalism.

K. M. Glonti. Old-Industrial Regions: Problems and Development Perspectives.

Old-industrial region, process of innovative transformation.

A. K. Rodionova. Federalism Characteristics as Instruments for its Evo-lution Stages Determinations.

Federalism, political «construction» of federalism.

Panel «100 Years to the Book „Materialism and Empiriocriticism”» by V. I. Lenin.

Book «Materialism and empiriocriticism» by V.I. Lenin.

O. A. Ermolaeva. Modern Public Conscience of Russia on State and Regional Levels.

Public conscience, Russian society.

N. T. Arefyeva. Structure of Modern Western Socio-Cultural Futurology.

Futurology, personality, culture.

L. A. Vasilyeva. Democratic Political Consensus and Efficient Political Process — First Phase of Changes in Russian Society.

Democratic political consensus, political process, Russian society.

N. I. Izergina. Organic Demography as Vector of Social and Political Changes in Modern Russia.

Organic democracy theory by I.A. Ilyin, social and political changes, Russia.

Z. A. Egorova. Influence of Electoral System on Multi-Party System Formation in Russia: Regional Aspect.

Transformation, electoral system, multi-party system, region.

S. A. Shankin, A. S. Boriskin. Main Trends in Innovative Development of the Region.

Innovative development, innovative cluster, venture business, techno-park, region.

S. N. Rastvortseva. Essence of Social and Economic Efficiency of Development of a Region.

Social and economic efficiency, economic potential, region.

E. G. Animitsa, V. A. Sukhikh, N. V. Novikova. Conceptual Orientations, Mecha-nisms and Methods for Regional Economy Management.

Conceptual orientation, mechanism, method, economy, region.

V. I. Makolov. Investment Policy of the Region: Present State Evaluation and New Tasks.

Investment policy, region.

I. A. Yushachkov. Analysis of Efficiency of Management of Restructuring Process at Industrial Enterprises of the Region.

Restructuring, industrial enterprise, region.

E. G. Sarantseva. Modernisation of Production Costs Management at Industrial Enterprises of the Region.

Production costs, industrial enterprise, region.

S. I. Malozemоv. Regionalisation of the Russian Federation Agrarian Policy.

Regionalisation, agrarian policy.

K. V. Maltsev. Problems of Land Market Development in the Russian Fede-    ration.

Land market, sociological research.

I. P. Yutkina. State Support of Agriculture in the Region in the Context of Priority National Project «Development of Agri-Industrial Complex» Implementation.

Agriculture, region, priority national project «Development of Agri-Industrial Complex».

I. N. Krutova. Establishment of Infra-Structure as Condition for Development of Project Financing of Agri-Industrial Complex of the Region.

Infrastructure, project financing, Agri-Industrial Complex, region.

T. A. Burtseva, A. V. Kuznetsova, N. A. Mironova, E. A. Berezina. Perception Map of Dairy Producers in the Market of the Kirov Region.

Dairy producers, market, the Kirov Region.

A. S. Gureev. Development of Regional Meat and Meat Products Mar-kets.

Market, region, meat and meat products.

Yu. V. Kuznetsova. Organisation of Dairy Products Promotion into Russian and Regional Markets.

Dairy products, segmentation, market, region.

S. V. Bulyarsky, S. A. Bulyarskaya. Consortium as Collective Participant of In-novative Activities.

Consortium, innovative activity, the Privolzhsky Federal District.

N. V. Ivashkina. Problems of Formation of Ethno-Cultural Educational Policy in the Region.

Ethno-cultural educational policy, region.

V. P. Salnikova. Integration of Global and Regional Components in the Contents of University Studying Course «Culturology».

Integration, culturally orientated education, cultural environment.

M. I. Berkovich, S. V. Bozhenko, A. A. Brut-Brulyako. Estimation of Interrelation between Economic and Social Spheres of the Russian Federation Constituent Entities.

Economic and social spheres, region, constituent entities and cities of the Russian Federation, statistic methods of factor and cluster analysis.

L. V. Loginova. Institutionalisation of Regional Interests: Subjective and Objective Motivations.

Institutionalisation, subjective and objective motivations, region.

A. N. Peskova. Change of Status Positions in the Sphere of Labour Activities of a Region.

Status positions, sphere of labour activities, region.

M. V. Simonova. Regional and Branch Peculiarities Structural Indices of Labour Force Quality.

Structural indices, labour force quality, human resources, industry.

E. V. Mozerov. Social Aspect of Housing and Mortgage Policy in the Region.

Social aspect, housing and mortgage policy, region.

I. G. Yulenkova. Problems of the University Teacher Identification in the Regio-nal Society.

Identification, university teacher, region.

V. P. Bukin. Youth of Russian Province: the Common and the Peculiar.

Youth, Russian province.

Yu. P. Shabaev, N. P. Mironova, A. V. Demina. Ethno-Political and Civil Identifi-cation of Youth in the Komi Republic.

Ethno-political and civil identification, youth, the Komi Republic.

V. G. Novikov. Self-Governing and Co-Governing as Factors for Development of Social Activities of Students in an Educational Institution.

Self-governing, co-governing, social activity, students, educational institution.

M. A. Leshchinsky. Model of an Orthodox Christian World-View in the Present Stage of Society Development.

World-view, Orthodoxy, society.

V. I. Tverdokhleb. Religiosity and Religious Associations in the Region.

Religiosity, religious association, region.

Zh. Yu. Bakaeva. Quantitative and Informative Context of Scientific Schools: Ethno-Regional Aspect.

Quantitative and informative context, scientific school, region, ethno-regional aspect.

A. A. Napalkov. Internet as Cultural Communicative Institution.

Internet, cultural communicative institution.

E. A. Shishkina. The Kaliningrad Region as Regional Model of Global Socio-Cul-tural and Socio-Natural Space.

The Kaliningrad Region, global socio-cultural and socio-natural space , region.

E. F. Cheremushkina. Problems of Inter-Cultural Interaction in the Works of Founders of the British «Cultural Studies».

Inter-cultural interaction, founders of British «Cultural Studies», British culture (culture of working class), mass culture.

V. A. Moiseenko. Architectural Image of Moscow of 1812 by the Eyes of the Enemy.

Architecture, Moscow,  Patriotic War of 1812, Napoleon’s army.

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